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The Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers will renew their historic rivalry on Sunday as both teams look to get back into the winning column. Chicago has lost four games in a row and hasn't played against the Los Angeles Rams since December 31, 2020. The Bears are preparing to face the Packers, here's what Chicago's offensive line needs to do to get going against GreenBay's defense in Week 17. One of them might feel more pressure going into the playoffs than the other: special-teams coach Shawn Mennenga.

The following list includes 32 free or low-cost activities in Green Bay, Wisconsin, including free parking, free hotel rooms and more. Gentleused baby clothes and articles, as well as a variety of other items sold in the store.

Green Bay Hyatt Hotel: Free parking, free parking and free hotel rooms on site, as well as a variety of other free activities and events.

Get directions - which way to go - and pick them up at Walmart or buy online at 414-978-2004. Get a free parking permit for your Green Bay Hyatt hotel room or hotel room for just $5 per day.

The daily rate is $8, but the best place to stay is at Hyatt Place in Milwaukee West, just south of the Green Bay Convention Center. Leave Rae Avenue and follow the green line from the Wisconsin State Fair parking lot to Hyatts Place in Milwaukee and West.

Highland Park is adjacent to King Park, north of the Green Bay Convention Center and BMO Harris Bradley Center. The Harley Davidson Museum is 800 metres away and there are many restaurants and bars in the area as well as a variety of shops and restaurants. Public transportation also serves the Hyatt Hotel and Hyatts Place in Milwaukee and West, as well as the Wisconsin State Fair parking lot, both located on the north side of King and Rae Avenue, south of Queen Anne Street.

In addition to pleasant business people, the Hyatt is also geared toward dogs and dog lovers, and for those with dogs, you can bring your loved ones along. Getting to and from the Hyatt can be as easy as renting a car, but those who don't want to rent a car to visit Green Bay can always take a shuttle to the Wisconsin State Fair parking lot provided by the Hyatt Regency Green Bay in Austin and Straubel. The Yatt Regency Green Bay is priced at just $94 a night, so consider this a very good deal if you stay in GreenBay.

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Simply scroll through all the hotel listings in Green Bay below and use some sort of feature on the right to narrow your search. If you have any questions or concerns about your stay, call us at 1-920-432-1234 to speak to our Hotel & Resorts team or Customer Service team. This is the best way to bring your guests to the Hyatt Wisconsin HyATT hotel in GreenBay, Wisconsin, or any other Wisconsin hotel.

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