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As a kid growing up on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Green Bay was my favorite place. I didn't get Packers tickets, but every football fan knows that visiting Wisconsin's oldest city is like watching a Packers game. You catch a fever when you look at Lambeau Field, drink wistfully and get a fever when you watch Packers games.

The atrium, home to the Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin State Fair, alternates between a large pool and a small covered arcade.

The sprawling museum is easily accessible, with separate rooms and areas grouped around Wisconsin-themed sites such as the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin State Fair and Milwaukee Brewers.

True to the Packer theme, the Discovery Room has a Lego replica of Lambeau Field, which is amazing. The museum has spacious hallways and exhibition areas, and visitors have access to a variety of exhibits including the Wisconsin State Fair and the Milwaukee Brewers. The ground floor houses the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and the museum, which houses a large display of Packers memorabilia as well as an interactive exhibit on the team's history. Housed in the former home of former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and his family, it boasts an extensive collection of artefacts from the NFL and other sports teams.

If you go there at the weekend, you can take the kids to see Dino Digs, and while you're there, check out the Smithsonian affiliated museum, which is all kinds of cool because it's so close to the museum. While staying at Stevens Point, we also liked the Green Bay Museum of Natural History and the Wisconsin State Fair Museum, but we went to see this museum as it has a few more options inside.

While you're there, don't miss the kids "network - friendly museums and attractions scattered around the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Read this story and you should be on this list, it's one of the best places in the state for kids and families.

You can take your children to some of the state's best interactive museums and provide them with many educational opportunities. If you're visiting Green Bay and are interested in the stadium, be sure to visit the Lambeau Field Stadium Tour, which takes place every day. This experience is a must - try something for everyone 18 years and older in the green bay. You will want to participate in the official Lam Beau Field Tour during your stay because it is the Packer Territory and the experience of being there is different from any other.

While you're there, another attraction not to be missed is Storybrook Gardens on the outskirts of the city, a 20-hectare natural tree garden. There are 20 acres of natural trees and gardens, and the park is a great destination for families. The Over and Beyond Children's Museum is one of the best children's museums in Wisconsin and a great place for family outings.

If you're heading to Green Bay, Wisconsin with kids in tow, here are a few ideas for a vacation in Title Town. Keep these mandatory tasks in mind - visit attractions for a fantastic family holiday in the city.

Milwaukee has a lot of hotel and lodging options, but your best choice for a stay in Eau Claire is to stay at Tundra Lodge & Resort, where I stayed for a week - long family vacation - in the summer of 2012. It is a large covered water park and I liked the many pools and water slides, and it is my favorite tip for family vacations in spring. Many people also enjoy their stay in Bay, Wisconsin (and in the United States) at Tuntra Lodge and Resort Waterpark in Green Bay. My best chances of staying in eau - Claire is at the Waukesha County Lodge, which is connected to the city of Milwaukee by a short walk from the Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Wisconsin State Convention Center.

This was the first children's museum I visited in Wisconsin, and many of the exhibits have changed over the past year. The museum does not recognize reciprocity with the Association of Children's Museums, so admission to the museum is $8, but children under 15 months are free. IMAX theaters and planetariums cost $5 for adults and $3 for children under 15.

On May 27, the museum will offer free admission to the Museum of Natural History to Brown County employees and their families. On the day of the event, employees receive free admission and free admission to our museum, as long as they show their badge.

In 1962, Brown County agreed to take responsibility for the museum's financial support, as many visitors came from outside the city. The exhibition was a great success and the association was founded in December of the same year. Appleton has a wonderful children's museum and the discovery of the Building for Kids is a highlight of our great journey across the state. The Green Bay Children's Museum has been recognized as one of the top ten most popular children's museums in the country.

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